Thursday, February 5, 2009

Long time

so it's been almost a week since i last posted, cant believe it but we have been pretty busy... some of what has gone on since my last post
1) booked a flight to Arizona!!!!
2) been picking up my mileage on my running
3) got the new I phone 3G
4)went to group connect at our church ( we will now be leading a small group)
5)finished reading the shack
6) enjoyed an amaxing dinner ( I made ) with my bff and husband!
7) grandparents came down for a day visit, grandpa changed my oil, put a new moter on my wipers and put new wipers on while grandma an I sat inside and talked and then walked down to some local boutique shops
8) got a FAB smelling candle made my tucci ( eucalyptis mint)

yaya so all of that is good fun, exciting stuff!! i just kissed the grandparents goodbye and am sitting here at the computer right next to this wonderful smelling candle, i swear many of you know i am OBSESSED with smells... expecially good ones :) and honestly this candle is sooooo yummy it fills up our entire place, i couldnt be more fond of it :)

on to the cooking of dinner, tonight for dinner i am making a special Shrimp pasta meal for Nick, it should be pretty yummy and he loves shrimp so hopefully it works out alright.... i just love cooking though, there is something about it that i enjoy, for one i would rather cook any day than go out to eat, but secondly there is just something about it when i know nick has been gone all day hard at work and then when he gets home he just loves to see a hot meal all ready and prepaired for him, i enjoy seeing that smile on his face :) so what i have started doing is actaully weekly planning our meals.... i have a whipe board ( just like the budget board i mentioned in an earlier post) but this is the meal board, and i will write monday through sunday what we will have for meals and it makes it much easier grocery shopping and truly takes the time out of having to think what do we wanna eat, and also is probably a part of my obsessive organizing personality?! so i just sit down one day a week and plan allll that i need to buy inorder to make this weeks meals. Lovin it and highly recomend it for others :)

the Shack.... if you have not read it i URGE you to stop reading this post and go to your local book store and pick it up, it took me 3 days to read, it brought tears to my eyes and so much love in my heart it is just an incredible book..... PLease Please please read it.

ArizoNa here we come :) I am suuuuper pumped about leaving for arizona on the 27th, we will be gone til the 4th and i can no wait, to get up and run outside in the morning, hike in the mountains, drive around exploring and everything else we will be doing. Nick is contacting the AFO for state farm so while we are out there he will be able to meet up with other agents and see what the business is like, and who knows we may explore and check out some cool urban apartments, this will be a fun trip and i am totally looking forward to it!

well February is a big month for us, we have Nick's 25th birthday, Valentines Day, My 23 Birthday and then our trip to arizona!! on yah and i cant leave out my ever so important hair apointment on the 12th!!! ARG i need one so bad i keep throwing it up in a pony every day.... well thats enough for now, will post lots sooner than 5 days ! take care

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