Sunday, December 28, 2008

New ShOEs!

Today after Church, Nick and I went shopping around for Running shoes.... i found a great pair, came home laced them up and headed out the door..... well not really that fast, first i ate a salad and then listened to the first three chapters of Dean Karnazes book on tape called the ultramarathon man... talk about inspiration.....

Nick and I set out on the trail and headed out on a run.... today i went 5.2 miles and came inside to blog about it while Nick went back out for another 5 mile run.. crazy, but i hope to be able to do that one day... I never liked running before, but i figured I am a verry goal oriented and have a lot of determination to get whatever it is i set my mind to, so i wanted to become a runner... and what a better time than to start with the new year being right around the corner.... Nick always says the best time to start was yesterday, the second best time is Right Now... :) <3>

so when asked what it is that makes me want to run.... its really just proving to myself that I can.

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