Sunday, August 9, 2009

SiX sleep OveR

here are the Six kids that spent the night at our house last night they are all my younger cousins and my younger sister. Nick and I were so excited to have them stay with us and give their moms and Dads a night together. We had a blast there was lots of running and screaming in our empty basement, there was a little wresteling, game playing, lots of laughter and a couple bloody kids ( only a little though) we wrapped up the night with warm milk with Honey and we tucked everyone in bed. the night ended around 12:30 and began again thismorning at 8.
I wanted to be super sitter so I woke up early at went to martins and picked a dozen fresh doughnuts, milk, Oz and some fruit. When everyone woke up they ate and then ran around the basement again screaming and playing which was toally fine by me, I should really say we had SEVEN kids sleep over because nick fit right in with them all... after breakfast all the girls got their hair straightened and played "house" this was a great weekend. pick up time is just around the corner and we all survived, we look forward to having them all over again soon!!! and we are so excited for little jada to have such wonderful kids be a part of her family because they are just so excited to meet and play with her :)

ta ta for now...

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