Wednesday, December 2, 2009

-GrO BaBy-

Ta Daa... our decision has been made. We are going to order the complete system of Gro baby diapers and both the hubsters and I are super excited about it.  pictured above is what some of the system looks like... here are some reasons as to why we chose them..... 

  • Less waste in our landfills
  • Save hundreds of dollars each year
  • Healthier for baby, less diaper rash
  • No Dioxins
  • They’re cute
I always liked the idea of cloth but must admit i was intimidated by it, however after discovering that you don't have to use the old fashioned white cloth with pins on the side I was interested. as many of you know we were considering baby G diaper system for a while because we 
liked the idea of using biodegradable, so they weren't going to go in the trash instead we would just flush them and they would  decompose within 50 to 100 days, much shorter than the time it takes the regular disposable diapers. so after doing some research on available products I learned that baby G diapers and Gro diapers offer both types of systems, cloth and biodegradable.... I was very excited by this idea and began looking at the cost, trying to figure out what would be best for our family and discovered that Gro baby was the answer, the main reason being is the reviews were higher and also they are one size hence the name GRO BABY, they grow with your baby, so you dont have to re purchase the outer shell as the baby gets bigger.... if we went with baby g diapers we would have to buy a system for when she is in a size Small and then re order the whole system when she gets into a medium and large.... so we figured we would be shelling out alot more dough.... therefore we chose the GRO baby. 

We will most likely become the "Hybrid" user meaning that we will be on the cloth when we are home and making short trips around but then when we are out and about for longer adventures and travel we will have the biodegradable insert on hand, however i must say i really think I will dig the whole cloth idea, we will also be purchasing this.... 

this is a pale that we will have on hand with us as we are out and about and when it comes time to change her we put the diaper in there and seal it shut and then come home and drop it into the washer, we will also have one of these in our laundry room, it is not just a bag, i know you are thinking eww grose that stink that will come from that bag, the idea here is you change her diaper take it to the bathroom and use one of those hard core sprayers that will be attached to the toilet ( daddy has to rig that one up still) and then you toss the diaper into the bag, and wash every 2 days.... so that is the system... I am excited to start, however if our little girl is under 8lbs when she is born we will not be starting off in these as she would be to tiny, we have purchased some earths best organic newborn diapers just in case she needs to start off in those. so there you have it, my little excitement for the day, Diapers..... 

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Anonymous said...

Good choice! I think you will dig them :)