Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sleep Positioners

Alright,  question, as we are coming down to 12 days till the due date, I am trying to make sure we have everything ready.. and the sleep positioned idea came into my mind last night and I was wide awake tossing and turning trying to figure out if I should get one or not.... for those of you who don't know what it is I am talking about it looks something like this 

they actually make lots of different styles, but I just don't know if I should or should not get one.... so I thought I could trust my trusty blogger friends, so please help me out, should I go out today and get one of these? what are the pro's con's? do you think Baby will like it? to me the pro is while they are an infant it will keep them on their back while sleeping so i won't have to worry AS MUCH as I would possibly with out one... but are they comfortable? I mean I think about me in my sleep and I like to roll around just a little..... so as you can see I need some helpful input here... please and Thank you :)


Anonymous said...

I never had one with Avalon, and never really thought I needed one. Babies can't roll over from their back to their stomach until a few months in...Avalon hasn't even quiiiite done it yet, although she is really close. And at that point, if they want to roll over, I think they should be free to do that and sleep however they are comfortable. They're strong enough at that point to lift their heads and stuff so there's not too big of a worry about SIDS and what not.

HOWEVER....that being said...with all of the pediatricians recommending that babies be laid on their backs to sleep, Avalon has a teeny little flat area on her head. The doctor said it will fill out once she sits up more, but it makes me think that maybe when #2 rolls around that I might get some sort of positioner/wedge so that I can rotate her from side to side when sleeping.

So, that being said, you probably don't need a positioner to keep her on her back, as she won't really be going anywhere for awhile!

Chelssie said...

thanks Kaley, thats what i was thinking about not really too worried about her rolling, more of comfort by keeping her in close, or maybe even the elevation so shes not flat out on her back more of a slanted kinda thing... who knows but thanks a lot!

Mo said...

I used one when Colt slept in the pack n' play. I figured it was more confy them sleeping on a play pin mattress.

I too, wouldn't worry about the SIDS issue. I mean, you get a possitioner...your kid could get SIDS. You let them roll around...SIDS. You let them sleep with a blanket...SIDS. Bumper in their crib? SIDS. You just have to decide what works for you. If you go by every pre-caution that was ever put out there you'll go crazy.

I was however cautious about Colt sleeping on his tummy & kept him on his back, on the wedge thing while in the pack n' play. it was nice too becuase when andy was at the station i cleared off his side of the bed and put him in teh wedge. therefore he didn't move/role anything. he always slept great in it. then when we moved him to his crib we left the wedge behind.

I dont think they're that expensive anywho. We got the cheap kind.

Mo said...

along with that SIDS jazz and all the precautions. babies will roll. as soon as colt rolled he was on his stomach right away. at that point there is nothing you can do.

As far as steps for sids goes...We didn't do a bumper when he started to roll. And we kept his ceiling fan on low. And he slept with a paci. All sid reducer things.

I too remember thinking when colt was 6 mo's old that he could lift his head and catch himself if for some reason he stopped breathing during the night...but then I heard of a 10 month old that same week in Elkhart who died from SIDS. Truthfully, you just never know so it's good to figure out what your plan should be ahead of time. But just try not to freak out...there are a million different opinions and methods out there.