Sunday, January 10, 2010

bullet points

Today is now January 10th, I realized I haven't posted anything since the 7th so I wanted to write something but I am not sure where this will be going, as I am currently writing this with out a title, so maybe this will just be a bullet post.

* since my last post I must admit that my spirits have been lifted, I am sure this is due to all of the prayers that have been put out there for us and all the wonderful txt messages, or e mails, even phone calls I have received, so thanks so much for that.

* This weekend Nick and I acknowledged that this will be the last weekend just the two of us no matter what, so we have called this the "date weekend." we laughed a little because mostly what we enjoy doing together is just being with each-other, were not big into going out to eat, sitting at the movies, but when we do get out we like to do the more adventurous things, which well I cant do right now at 41 weeks pregnant. so we have enjoyed out time together just the two of us so far, friday night I made a yummy dinner for us and we then went to the grocery store. saturday we woke up and had breakfast together and sat around in our pj's for a while, and then cleaned the house as a "team", after the cleaning was finished we got cleaned up ourselves and went out and did a little shopping and then off to my grandmas for her saturday night dinner with family and then the two of us went to enjoy the dollar theater movie Couples Retreat, Great movie!I ate a whole box of sour patch kids by myself... well ok I gave nick a few orange ones.

* there have been a couple times that I looked down at my belly and just repeat the date, ex: last night I was sitting on the sofa with nick and my grandmas just watching Jada roll around in my tummy and I watch in amazement and then say... its January 9th! ( like omg what the heck haha... she should totally be here already) but this has been a much more positive way of looking at it for me, b.c boy being down in the dumps is nooo fun, not a mood I like at all, so thanks to everyone and the hubby who helped bring me back up in spirits in just a few days.

* last night we watched a family video while at my grandmas of when I was just a baby girl playing drums on my dads lap, it seemed ad though I was just more interested in eating the end of the stick but hey, whatever works, as I sat there watching the tape though I couldn't help but notice my lack of hair growth and yes I was like one in the video and I had nothing but fuzz... this must be why my mom tells me she glued hair bows on me till I was two. we also watched another film of my brother and I in the bathtub, yeah I know, no parents could ever get away with a video like this now a days, but it was hilarious, however I owe my brother an apology, I was a little stinker....but boy he was the cutes little baby when he got mad :) watching these videos I mean my grandmother has a million VHS films of us growing up made me very thankful nick and I have purchased a video camera that way we can capture every important and silly moment in our little girls life.

* well I think this is all the things that have been going on since my last post, I will be back tomorrow with information from our doctors appointment, the appointment is set for 2:30 and she told me it would be longer than normal due to the non stress test and ultra sound, then we will still have my regular appointment and then the discussion of what the plan will be. so stay tuned


Mo said...

I'm glad you and Nick had a great weekend so far! Get those footrubs in while you can :) xoxo.

From Marriage to Motherhood said...

Our stories are so similiar - just that I'm a week behind you! I have a Dr's appt today as antsy about what the Dr is going to say. It's so exhausting and nerve racking playing the waiting game. At least we know it won't be too much longer, right!? Wishing you all the best in the upcoming days :-)