Friday, February 12, 2010

One Month

Jada, Mommy & Daddy can't believe that today you are ONE month old! You have been an excellent baby, and we have loved getting to know you. Mommy will admit that when we first brought you home, I had feelings of how am I supposed to know what she is trying to tell me with her cries, but we figured it out after a while. Having you in our lives has been incredible. Daddy and I love to just look at you, and pretend we know what you are thinking about by judging your facial expressions. here are some of what you have been up to during your fist month of life.

You Love to eat, sometimes mommy calls you her little chunky monkey, but I just say it out of pure cuteness, and daddy and I joke because he was a really good eater too when he was a baby, and truth be told he still is. This is just yet another quality that you share with your Dad, I joke with our extended family that you are purely Daddies baby, my job was just to house you. seriously, he even claims you have his belly button.

We just learned about a week ago that you LOVE the Moby wrap. I wrap you up in it about three times a day, just yesterday you were kind of fussy and couldn't find a comfortable position in my arms so I pulled out the wrap and Whaa Laa you were instantly comforted and passed out for a nap, in the mean time I was able to vacuum, do laundry and make our bed, all while you were asleep in the wrap on my chest.

You have been waring your Gro Baby cloth diapers since you were 1 week old, and you seem to love them, I know we do, you haven't had any explosive accidents, and you look so darn cute in them.

You started out wearing the NB clothing and still are able to fit a few of the NB outfits we have for you but mostly you are wearing 0-3 months.

you love to take baths, and you splash around like a little Pro swimmer.

We are not sure of your weight at this exact time because we haven't been back to the pediatrician since your two week follow up, but Boy did you show some improvement while there. When you were born you weighed 8.15 by your first week appointment you weighed 8.9, by your second week appointment you weigh 9.7! now that you are a month Daddy and I think you are around 11 lbs.

you still seem to have all your hair you had at birth, which really surprised mommy, I didn't expect you to have hair because I was bald till I was two, but you did and it was brown! again - DADDies girl, however as each day passes it does seem to be lighting up.

We had your newborn photo shoot well a little after you were a true newborn, we waited till this past sunday, so just before you turned 4 weeks, and let me just tell you, you hated it. I am not sure if you were tired, hungry, or just weren't loving the camera, because we tried everything, daddy walked around with you as you fell asleep but then you would quickly wake yourself up as soon as we tried to position you for a cute picture, so mommy fed you and that didn't seem to fix it, you just spit up.. So we have yet to see those pictures yet, but however they turn out it will be a memory, you even peed on daddy that day during a picture where we had your diaper off!

You seem to eat about every 3 hours, sometimes a little sooner and sometimes a little later, night times being the later times. I have been keeping track on my blackberry of every time you eat and go down for naps that way I can see what your natural patterns are and see if we are getting on a schedule.

your first bottle was the day you turned 3 wks, daddy gave it to you and you did great!! at least once a day mommy give you a bottle with added probiotics to build you a nice strong immune system!
about a week ago you developed your little baby acne, but don;t worry it's not a crazy case, you have some on your ears, scalp, cheeks, chin and forehead, we have stopped putting lotion on your face and are waiting for it to clear up.

sleeping.... well sleeping you are now doing very well at during the night. however naps, I am not sure why, but you like to nap while I hold you, I have tried every time you fall asleep on my to take you into your crib and about 1 minute later your crying, and then when you are picked up you are out again. your silly... I have enjoyed the extra snuggle time with you, but would also love for you to be able to take naps in your crib. I don't know how you know the difference between a nap and bedtime because at bedtime you will sleep in their.... well that is after the first few hours. you usually start out on mine or daddies chest till you get into a nice deep sleep and then after first feeding in the night we put you in your play pin that is also in our room and you sleep the rest of the night ( only waking for feedings)

you and daddy stay up together in the living room during your fussy time which is between 9 and midnight but more recently you have fallen asleep around 11:30, mommy goes to bed during this time so I can get some rest since I wake with you for feedings and diaper changes.

you first started smiling with your eyes closed, so obviously it wasn't at us, unless you were smiling because you heard our voice or were dreaming of us, but now you are starting to smile with your eyes open which is so fun for us. you still do your blank stare A lot which always makes us laugh but the smile is so cute!!

you have been holding your head up since birth I kid you not, you have such a strong neck, now obviously you weren't really holding it up since birth but you have been popping your head off our shoulders since birth and trying to hold your head up, now you have it mastered, you are always lifting your head off our shoulders you have a very strong neck and back ( again daddies girl)

you are truly an amazing baby. this first month has been so fun I can only imagine what is in store for us. we look forward to watching you grow, but remember don't grow too fast!

Love - Mommy

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From Marriage to Motherhood said...

Sweet moments {soon to be memories} written in this post : ) You seem to LOVE being a mommy! So do I : )