Saturday, February 27, 2010

transition continued...

Today marks one week exactly from when we started the sleeping transition for our little girl, and I am pleased to announce that she is transitioned!! we are so excited, we didn't slip once during the whole time, but I have to admit she made it pretty easy on us. She has spent every nap and every night sleeping on her own in her pack and play, and even some naps in her swing. We are so proud of her. With her transition I have been able to pay closer attention to her cues now and after keeping track of her feedings and nap times I have noticed a trend... I usually BF her at around 7:30 then give her a bottle ( dream feed) at 8:30, I then BF her for just a quick feeding at 9:00 and then she is in her bed by 9:15 and she's asleep till 2 or 3:00, however last night she was down till 3:45! we couldn't believe it. the transition went a lot smoother than I ever dreamed, honestly the first night was the only bad night, and don't get me wrong that first night was really rough, but she is a quick learner I guess, because that very next morning she was napping in her play pin, and swing.

this transition has been very nice for our family, although I miss the "all the time access" to kissing my little girls sweet head and breathing in her yummy baby smell, its nice to cuddle with the hubby again, and nice to be able to fix all my meals at home with both hands now instead of one :)

were so proud of you buggy!

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Noel said...

Wow! Congratulations! What a good little girl!