Friday, May 21, 2010


Remember my posting about "pump day" well here is a little update, I ended up pumping at every feeding for a week straight wanna know how many OZ I was able to store up in my fridge.. you got it NONE. Yeah I know I was so disappointed, turns out Jada was taking everything I had Plus she was showing signs Of needing more, after many shed tears ( by both of us) I entered into the daunting task of researching Formulas... I came across one from natures one called baby's only Soy, I like that it is Organic, and that they use brown rice instead of corn syrup.... plan was to order this and still breast feed and when she acted like she needed more ( which is not at every feeding) I would supplement with this, SO i went ahead and ordered 1 can to try it out.

well turns out Jada didn't have time to wait for it to come in the mail, and after a really hard day for the both of us I headed to our local health food store to talk to my trusted friend AKA my knight and shining baby saver named Aaron... He has always been so helpful with any ?'s I have had in the past all dealing with babies and or pregnancies, I know but hes a man well ladies he is an awesomely helpful man who happens to be a daddy himself and has done extensive research on everything babies...

So there I am running into the store with mascara running down my cheeks muttering out the words "my milk supply is not enough for my little girl" ( which my the way i look totally silly because a I am crying in a health food store and secondly my daughter has rolls all over her body... how is it possible that she is not getting enough milk)

so he recomends that I try some Fenugreek suplements and he garantees me that my milk will come in within days SOLD! he says this herb is great I now take 2 of these herbal capsules 4 times a day.. I just started today so I am hoping my supply increases ASAP.

in the mean time I am waiting on the formula to come in but Aarom opened by eyes to GOATS MILK, thats right folks goats milk, hence the title of this post if you were feeling a little lost :) I will admit that I had never thought of this before because I figured only breast milk or formula when have you ever heard of goats milk?! well i gave it a listen to what he had to say. because our family is a vegetarian who also does not drink cows milk, I didnt want to start Jada on a cow's milk based formula and then when she turns one introduce her to soy or nut milk.. so my choice of formula is soy base.... which Aaron agreed would be the right way to go for us.

however, they did not have that brand of formula I ordered ( although they sell it) they were out, therefore he said I would try goats milk, he said it is the most like breast-milk and once I looked at the ingredients I was happy, they read : goats milk, vitamin d3, and folic acid. Now like I said this isn't formula but I am not just giving her this, I am still and will continue to nurse as my number once choice therefore she is getting all of the vitamins that my milk naturally makes along with the DHA and the prenatal vitamins I am still taking, so the goats milk is solely a supplement...

it is advertised as a "real milk" alternative for toddlers.. meaning parents who don't want there toddlers drinking cows milk, this is the part that made me a little leery, but after coming home and doing research I was amazed at how many other families recommended this and are using this instead of formula, there are lots of reviews if you are interested on amazon, the brand that we are using is called Meyenberg..

I gave it to Jada and she LOVES it. I was very pleased that I now have something to use as i am waiting on my milk supply to increase, but so far I have been able to nurse her as much as I have been as well as mixed it up with pumping therefore when I make the bottles she is getting both goat and momma....

I am hoping that this fenugreek will kick in my supply so I can carry out my wish of breast-feeding for the fist 12 months... so stay tuned
and in the mean time



Noel said...

I had to drink goat's milk when I was little due to severe allergies. I couldn't have soy milk or regular milk. I also couldn't suck so for the first few months of my life I was syringe-fed.
My parents also incorporated rice milk, more specifically "Rice Dream."

I don't remember it but I was a huge baby so I guess it was plenty fine for me :)

Mandy Mitchell said...

I was going to recommend fenugreek, cause that's what my doctor suggested to increase my milk supply, but you're already two steps ahead of me. i took it a few times and then broke out in a terrible rash, but it could have been completely unrelated. I gave up on the breast milk/pumping after 3 weeks. So you're doing way better than I ever did!!

cameron dolbow said...

do you pump while you feed her? I started doing this when my baby was probably 4 or 6 weeks because i was worried about supply. now i have a second freezer in the garage to store all of my excess. now at 6 months i had similar concerns(she seemed to want more all the time and i still want to be able to replace daily what she uses while i'm at work), it seems she is wanting more, so i have also tried the fenugreek which seems to have helped. we also just started cereal to give her a little extra. i was really worried for a couple weeks, but it may have been a growth spurt and now has regulated itself. could be the same with you and jada.

Chelssie said...

thanks girls for the suggestions... so far the fenugreek has been pretty easy to take and although its only been 3 days, I really think it is already working which is a definite plus!!

Cameron- about the pumping while I nurse her ( impossible) Jada loves to kick her feed around while i am nursing her so yes I did try to pump and nurse in the beginning but it was a no go and also after 2 days of nursing her she became a double sided eater... so at every feeding I nurse her on both sides... so she is taking everything I have haha
she has been eating some bananas once a day for the last 4 days and has loved them! so i am hoping with having introduced solids and taking the fenugreek that we will have a better system!!

kanishk said...

thanks girls for the suggestions.
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