Thursday, July 29, 2010

agh hem. hello...

testing, testing
1,  2,  3
is this thing on?

Why hello, yes thats right I am back, so it's been two months, where have I been, what have we been up to? well lets just say A LOT, lots of things I could have blogged about like the purchase of our fist home, and the all of our painting projects we have been up to around the new house, or how about my going back to work, yeah I never did blog about that, however I did try to get on and type out a few words for Jada's monthly milestones... but boy has she been up to a lot ... learning to crawl,sitting up in her crib,singing, being as cute as ever.... so how about this. rather than write about all the things I have left out,

how about we toast to new beginning?

because I QUIT MY J-O-B ( the one I have had for the last 3 yrs)

today is my first day back to doing what iLove.
-mopped floor (check)
-Cleaned (check)
-kiss on baby (check)
-trash out (check)
-kiss on baby (check)
-Laundry (check)
-kiss on baby (check)
-make baby food (check)
-kiss on baby (check)

truth be told, I did learn that I can enjoy working, I did love the extra money that I was making and Jada was at home able to spend the time I was away at work getting to bond with her Gigi Ma, so this past month was a great learning experience and it really opened my eyes.  I love being this little girls momma and I could enjoy having a career too, just not one that involved ridiculous hours..

so with that said...

stay tuned to see what is in store for us, and I promise I will be back to tell you all about it.



Allison said...

Awww glad to see you blogged and also soo happy you're at home with your Jada. Enjoy your time!

Ash said...

welcome back to the blog world. so happy you that you are doing what it is you want to are LUCKY!!!