Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I did IT!!!! wooo hoo, I ran my fastest mile ever today, 6 minutes and 40 seconds, i was so proud of myself... We went to the gym thismorning and I wanted to run 3 - 4 miles today so i strapped on Nicks I phone and turned up Kanye West's CD and headed out, ( Great CD for running) next thing you know i had pounded out a mile in just 7:55 that was the fastest i had gone before, i couldnt believe it but boy i sure felt like i had out it all out on the track after that mile and didnt know how i was going to run the 3 - 4 miles i had wanted... so my second mile was ran muuuch slower, it was ran in a flat 9 minutes.... I was pooped, and wanted water.
I headed off the track and gulped down some water but felt as though i wasnt finished after refreshing myself with water i decided i wanted to go back out, this time i was going to try to run right next to nick, now i have dne this before ( the last time we were at the track actually) but i was only able to run next to him for 1/2 a mile, well today i had ran the whole mile, Sprniting the last lap!!! I was overwhelmed with JOY!! I pressed my stop watch off and looked down to see that i had finished in 6 short minutes and 40 seconds WOOOOO HOOO!!!!

Great way to start my day, now its tme to stretch :)

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