Monday, January 12, 2009

DayS OfF..

yay today is my day off of work, I always look foward to my days off work so I can get thing done around the house and do my ever favorite grocery shopping :) There are several awesome grocery stores around us here but my two fav's that i go to weekly are Trader Joes & Whole Foods, if you have thses stores by you it is a MUST that you check them out, they are fantastic! Both of these stores sell All Organic foods at such a good price :) Plus if your a WineO like Nick and I are Charles Shaw wine sure is yummy! every week i go to the store with a very specific list in my head, you know, the things you go through really fast some might call them the Staples of the kitchen, well our most bought food is Tomatoes, the yummy organically grown roma tomatoes, they truly are the best tasting tomatoes around, Just about every meal we some how find ways to add them in :) another fav of ours that we just cant seem to keep enough of are the Organic Z bar Chocolate Chip... ( Clif Kid bar) sooo good my mouth waters just thinking about them... well all this talk I better get my day started

some things I will be doing today are going to the gym, doing laundry, going grocery shopping, back to relax prolly finish reading the Suze Ormans 2009 Action Plan, play with Sparty, cook dinner and wait for Nick to get home :)

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