Saturday, January 24, 2009

GoodBye NelNet :)

As you know by now, Nick and I have been working diligently towards getting DEBT FREE, with being a newly married couple we wanted to start off our lives together on the right path that way we dont ever have to play catch up later in our lives, so Since graduation in May 2008 I have been working to pay off my loans even though my first payment wasnt due until January 1st 2009, and today January 24th I am DONE!!!! whooo hoo I couldn't be happier. We were able to pay off over 15,000 in just 8 months along with having a fabulous wedding and honeymoon that we were also able to save to pay for our part and not go into debt for that. we are extremly thankful for this and now we are tackiling the rest of Nick's student debt... SO sally May get prepaired for force of the Urankar's because here we come... so we can yell "WERE DEBT FREE" ( dave's slogan) We hope to be able to do so in March..... and by celebrating with going on a paid for vacation to ARIZONA :)

ya know, this whole staying on a budget, really is fun... and its funny... just 3 short years ago i knew nothing about that word.... and know it is one thing i think about all the time, i enjoy reading financial books, im totally loving our FPU ( financial Peace University) Class and i love talking with other people about it now.... I have even become obsessive about our color coded budget board that Nick and I use each month to re evaluate our budget for that given month, I cant express how important I have seen this to be, being able to talk with your spose and be on the same page with your budget truly does wonders for your marriage, if nick and I weren't working towards the common goal of getting and staying debt free our $ would be all over the place. so talk with your spose about your money, make a budget, it truly will impact your life, your marriage and your wallet :)

God BLess :)


Andy and Mo said...

good for you! oh my goodness. we'll have one truck paid off in a few months then all we'll have left is my pilot and our house. it does feel sooo good. andy and i are believers! trying to convert people to the Dave Ramsey way on a daily basis : )

J.BRIDE said...

wow - I can't wait for the day that I can have that feeling of being debt free - congrats to you!