Wednesday, August 26, 2009


yesterday at work I was sitting in my computer chair looking at the monitor and all of a suden i jolted out of my seat and grabbed the left side of my belly, there it was miss Jada Grace kicked me!!!!! it was the most indescribable feeling ever. I had been to see my midwife earlier that day and she asked if i had been feeling her move, and as i mentioned i "thought" i was and then she said do you feel little gas bubbles but never get the gas? well if you do, thats her... and yesterday i was feeling alot of that at work and it was so cool to know it was her in there and that i wasnt going to have to excuse myself and use the restroom!! haha but seriously it is the greatest feeling!! and then later that day i got the HiY Yow Pow kick move on my left side! it was incrediable!! I was hoping to feel more like it later that night so maybe Daddy could feel but all i was getting were the little gas bubble movements which i of course love, but Daddy will get his kick soon and he is much more patient than I am.

in other Fantastic news my friend Kaley @ cheaptherapy had her little baby girl this morning at 7:08!! little miss Avalon is now going to be blessing this world with her presence of big bows and flower headbands!! congrats to Kaley and Rob!!!

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