Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's gotta just be belly.. right?!!?!

Today was my Dr. apt, I am 21 and 1/2 weeks I will be 22 weeks on Friday and I measured right at 21 and 1/2 weeks, great! she looked over my chart from our ultra sound that was done when I was 18 weeks prego and saw that my placenta was anterior meaning that it is on the front which is quite possibly the reason why it has been difficult for me to feel her moving around, or why i have second guessed is that her or is my body just digesting what i ate?! because the placenta is acting as a cushion between her and I. as she gets bigger and stronger I will be able to feel her better, and placentas move around during the pregnancy so we will see what happends.

we got to hear our little girls heart beat again today and the Midwife told me, wow you have a very low herat beat you must be a runner or a swimmer ( i heard my husband chuckle) hey pipe down over there before I ask you to leave Mr. I kid I kid. but seriously she said my heart rate is in the low 50's which is very healthy and she found it funny that the baby's heart beats 3 beats to my 1 . it was pretty crazy but also amazing.

So all of that is the good stuff and then, the SCALE.... I may or may not regret putting this on my blog, but hey I wanted to blog about the pregnancy so I can look back and remember everything. so I step on the scale and I am 4lbs more weight from my last apt just TWO weeks ago... thats 2 lbs a week..... making it a total 11 lbs I have gained thus far.... 22 weeks we will say... is this normal? good? when i think of the 11 lbs in 22 weeks that doesnt sound bad, but 4 of them in 2 weeks does....

so what to do, what to do .... how about laying off the homemade cupcakes with cream cheese frosting on saturdays at grandmas or quit making chocolate chip cookies, no ice cream... hot coca with lots of marsh mellows.... yeah that sounds like the plan....

I have to take the glucose test on the 23rd of next month and i never have had the sweet tooth like i have had since being pregnant like righ tnow even though I am writing to talk about giving up the sweets I just though of home made carrot cake with cream cheese frosting... what is wrong with me?!?!?!

we will take it one day at a time, i will try to be a good girl only having a little bit instead of giving in ALLLLL the time.

but to me before becoming pregnant a good 4 lbs was noticible, and 11 for sure... so what? is it all belly? its gotta be that sure popped out.... hmmm looks like I will be keeping up with the exercise I started earlier this week with the hubsters.

so what should you take away from this post?? if you see me to NOT offer me the "good stuff" please and thank you :)


I may just sneak it later haha


Ash said...

So glad you had a successful check-up. I think Mo has my emotions and you have my cravings, cause well I've got neither of those 2 items going on right now.

Mo said...

one time when i was preg i gained 5lbs OVERNIGHT! but i was swelling horribly and it was all water..that was scarey though : )haha.