Saturday, August 29, 2009

On Second thought..

last night after our taco dinner with some friends, I was talking about Jada's room and started to wonder if I really really really wanted that crib after all... now that i was sure i liked this bedding, which has been the hardest decision of all, i am not so sure it will look so hot on a espresso colored crib... maybe it will be too overpowering, strong and dark for a soft pink room.... when i close my eyes I see a white crib with it... maybe this is because that is what is featured in the pic with the bedding ) but I don't like that particular crib ) so any how there has been this other crib in the back of my mind that yes i have liked all along but i didn't want to let the hubby know i sorta liked it because i figured if i did he would be all " well then why don't we get that one, it cost less and you like it" so i kept my mouth shut but truth be told i have gone to the place that carries this bed 3 times now on my own and taken a peak at it... so what to do?
Today after work i am going to go by the store again and sit in one of those comfy mommy chairs and stare at this crib and picture the bedding and really really make the decision today! I will be back later on to let you know how it goes. wish me luck!


Mo said...

haha! I love you. Don't let me talk you out of it if you really like it : )

You can always paint the walls a different color.

Mandy Mitchell said...

I love the Espresso finish and think your bedding would look great with it! But I also think the white looks amazing with the bedding as well. Normally I wouldn't be a fan of the white, but in this case it would really make things pop. Either way you go, I think it'll look amazing.