Sunday, August 30, 2009

*we went with WHITE*

last night the Hubsters and I went out to the Natural way and Hugs from heaven... hugs from heaven had the davenport that i have been drooling over and the natural way had a crib that was $300 cheaper that i have liked but there were certain things about it that bothered me such as where they placed the brand label ( right smack dab on the lower left corner it was black on a white crib) but then i started to stare harder and harder at it and I imagined out little girl sleeping in this bed, would i really notice the label or the silver screws on the legs of the crib?!?! I think not, and then nick said i mean chels the stroller you picked out is 459 so we could get this crib and put the 300 towards the stroller how great would that be... and I was like your right, totally right, so we grabbed the sales man and said " well we want this one" we were going to get the crib and the changer table dresser things just like we were with the "davenport" so he was like ok, now what about a mattress... and i told him i wanted organic for sure, and then he says now you also will need to purchase the side rails to make this a toddler bed and then you need to order the slats and metal for the "full bed rail" the mattress, was $259, the toddler rails were $90 and the full bed rails were $150.... so then we were like wow this is adding up to be more that the $300 savings... but if this is costing this much why don't we drive back over the hugs from heaven and ask about the mattress and rails and all that stuff... so we headed out and back to the store, 

we arrived back at the store with the "Davenport" and I asked her what the mattress cost and she said because i would be purchasing the crib I would get the SAME Organic mattress as the other store for $150 and that the toddler rails go with it and the full rails were only $100 ... bam


and Daddy and I both were super excited and happy with our purchase!!! oh and we got White, which i am very excited for I think the room will look very soft, perfect for our little girl.  

oh and after this trip we were so excited and proud we drove over to babies R Us and started our registry... and guess what ?!!?!?! I found a stroller that I L*O*V*E and it comes with the car seat...!!! and a base and its only $259!!!! mind you the stroller i wanted before was $459 and then the car seat was $229 and then i had to buy the $60 cover for the car seat to match the stroller duhh... but not anymore!!! we registered for the stroller combo set and then the jeep overland jogger stroller!!!! we are doing so great with all of these decisions and daddy and I are on the same page!! 

after our successful trip of registering, we headed over to target to pick up this pink side table i fell in love with last time we were there, daddy and I both thought it would look perfect in her room next to the rocker, I read the price sticker last time we were there and it was 19.99 ( cant beat that) so we walked over to target after leaving Babies R us and found one pink table left. i picked it up off the shelf and i started to inspect it, making sure there were no bumps and bruises and then i said ... woops... honey, the price sticker i read last time we were here was for the STOOl... 

the table is 59.99......

nick glares at me and said " thats my girl "

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Mo said...

haha! You guys :)


I'm glad you got the crib you wanted afterall. I think the while will look awesome :)