Monday, August 31, 2009



where to begin...

I need recomendations, who do you all take your babies to in the granger/southbend/mishawaka area?!? I have a list here to stare at but this tells me nothing about the person, do i make apts to meet with them before she is born to "interview" and see who we like ?! do people really do this? it seems like a great idea to me.. but i dont want to seem crazy. so i just wondered if any one had recomendations i know not all people who read my blog are from this area but even if you have any ideas on how to go about picking a good prdiatrician that would be very helpful .



Courtney said...

Dr. Weston at the South Bend Clinic in Granger is awesome--she treats kids and adults, so you might even like going to her!

Anonymous said...

We recently switched peds. to Dr. Pandian at the South Bend Clinic Granger campus. We LOVE her! She is young and spunky...she has young kids as well "gets" being a new mom since she was one not that long ago. We also have never had to wait longer than maybe five minutes when taking Max there, unlike our old peds. office when we'd wait for about an hour. I know you guys are in Granger (so are we), so the office is super close...right off of Fir across from St. Pius. I know you can set up an appointment to meet her and discuss what you're looking for with her. She came highly recommended to us by a few friends that go to her, and I would highly recommend her as well! Hope that helps, let me know if you have any questions!