Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy 1st Anniversary!

October 4th was the Hubby's and My anniversary, can you believe it ONE year, WOW has a whole lot happened in a year , we have Lived in Carmel now Granger and we are 7 months Prego with a Precious Baby Girl. this has been a great year, and I Love my Hubby Dearly. looking back it didn't take too long to adjust to the married life, it just worked... from the night we left the reception and walked hand in hand to the car I have felt protected, Loved, and adored, what more can a woman want.

Our Anniversary landed on the time we are on florida on Vacation visiting family, however we had a very nice hotel room on the beach for the day and ate dinner that night at a restaurant called the Ocean Grill, it was great. here are a few photos of our view and I will eventually have videos, I am just not sure how to load them up.... so here is to a good year and many more ahead of us ,I love you Hubby!

Here is a pic of my new addition!! I absolutely L*O*V*E it, it is just an additional band that we call the Anniversary band.

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Stephers said...

Happy One Year Anniversary! My hubby andI our celebrating our 2nd anniversary today : o ) So di dyou keep some wedding cake to eat on your first anniversary(when you get back from Florida)? We did an dlet me tell you I donlt care how you wrap and freeze it, thawed out cake from a year ago is so gross...thank goodness there are no cake rituals for the other anniversaries!