Monday, November 9, 2009

Belly Support

I am carrying really low with our little girl and I am really beginning to want support under my belly.. I cant find what position is comfortable because it hurts while sitting or standing.. sleeping is the most comfortable time believe it or not. I have found that by sleeping on my back with a pillow under my right side ( so it is tilting me more to the left with some elevation and laying in an almost upright position with my head cocked to the side... well its actually comfotable..

but what do I do during the day? I had an apointment with our Doula yesterday which should have a whole blog post to it self but I will go ahead and combine the two here.. She came for our first home visit ( so she will know how to get to our house when i go into labor) So she arrives and the first thing she says to me is wow that baby has dropped since the last time I have seen you, she also noticed that throughout our conversation my hands were resting underneeth my belly and would often lift up as if i was relieving pressure, this was the first time I had paid attention to it and she recommended that I look into getting one of those belly support holster doo hickys.  she said the way that I am carrying she thinks I would bennefit from greatly.

because we were on the topic of how I am carrying I told her that so many people have told me that I look like I am carrying a boy and she looked at me with a look that shocked me... and she said well I have never been wrong on a guess yet and I would say your carrying a little B*O*Y....

ok, maybe she forgot that I told her I was having a little girl, so Nick and I looked at eachother and laughed and said seriously? and she said well I mean you guys havn't completly settled on the fact that it is a girl right? which made us laugh even harder as many of you saw this past weekend a little tour of our little girls room which I believe every girlfriend of mine said something like " oooo i love it, its so PINK" so yes we have settled in on the ide that we are having a little girl and we have for the last 14 weeks of our life, which is a long time I might add..

so again, this was just her guess... I told her we did have 2 ultra sounds done one at 18 wks and one at 27 and they both said girl and they were done at different hospitals. so she did say after that well then she would go ahead and say that that is pretty safe to bet on... but i will admit, I started to think of ALLL the things that would need to be done if we did have a little boy instead of our little Jada Grace...  and my head began to spin... but either way I have loved this little child of ours and have bonded with whomever they are. 

so back to the belly support... do any of you mommas have any recomendations or tips for this? My doula asked if I was working still and when i told her yes she looked at me with a little look of ... i dont know for how much longer missy... but I really do feel great, my belly just just getting super tight and soar and heavy feeling..


Mo said...

duck tape!


Ash said...

well Mo has the right idea if you're looking for durablity and cost. but i think it might get a little sticky...i've seen belly support stuff at babies r us but have no experience in brands and what not. i'd say do some research and see what you like.

Allison said...

I had one when I was pregnant. I don't remember the brand but I bought it at Motherhood Maternity. It wraps around your waist and velcros and gives your tummy a little boost. I could definitely tell a difference between when I would and wouldn't wear it. Hope you find something that works! :)