Saturday, November 14, 2009

Crib Update # 3

So after this Traumatic experience with dealing with Hugs from heaven and all the waiting involved, My husband did eventually talk to the store owner who gave her most sincere Apologies, we will be getting 15% off or order total and it is due to arive WEDNESDAY! November the 18th, we were not given a firm date on the combo changer table but were told some time in Decemeber and that they would be sure to stay in contact with us now.  I am very excited and despite all of the other promised dates that this crib would be in I some how have a feeling it will really be here Wednesday, and if not I am sure I will be back here to vent : / keep your fingers crossed!

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Mandy Mitchell said...

I'm thinking Wednesday is a safe bet. They probably wouldn't give you such a close date if they weren't for sure about it. Sorry about all the hassle, but at least it saved you a little money and you still get the crib you want in time for your baby. Good luck with the changer.