Saturday, November 14, 2009

OuR first True Babies R us trip

Last night after my Husband came home from work, we ate supper together and then made plans to go to Babies R us and pick up some items that we thought woudl be very important in having and now that all the baby showers are over, we can better look at our list and know exactly what we still needed...

We headed out with Gift cards in hand ready to take on the store.  I believe our trip started with me using the bathroom then walking down one aisle and then having to use the restroom again, I tell ya this little girl is sitting right on my bladder. any who back to the main story here, so we started in the back left side and picked up things like an extra fitted crib sheet, 2 changing pad covers, 2 packs of 4 recieving blankets, the cute little pink hangers, all that fun stuff over in that area, we then headed over to the front right side of the store, and picked up a couple extra packs of glass bottles, passy's, and a wipe warmer. I couldn't help but laugh at my husband and I standing in the aisle staring up at the wall of passys, trying to talk it out about which type she would like, the one that says its flexible like moms nipple? the kind that are 50 % off... the ones that have ridges, i mean there were so many, and at this point in our life we were faced with the decision of deciding what she may like and we both looked at eachother and picked up like 8 different kinds, atleast we both agreed on not getting the ones with words on them like "Drama Queen" or "my mute button" we went for the ever so class light pink and light green plain ones.  after all we dont want her using them all the time just as a comfort at bed time... or whenever she needs comfort i guess... oh goodness.. who knows.

we then headed over to the bath area, we picked out wash cloths, her tub, her little nose sucker thing and then came time to pick out the smell goods, what would our little baby girl smell like?! now many of you know me know that smells are ever so importnat to me, so there I was standing in an asile staring at all these different color bottles and brands, do i want to go with the ever so popular johnson and johnson which is that yummy baby smell or do I want to go the more natural product Aveno, Now nick and I use Aveno and Love the way it makes out skin feel.. and hey thats all i have been using through out this whole pregnancy on my belly and so far so good... so after about 10 minutes of pure silence and picking up all the different bottles i began getting Irritated that all the caps had those silly little tabs over it so i couldnt smell a darn thing, I looked at my husband and said, how am i going to make life long decisions for her, when I cant even pick out what I want her to smell like...

I know that sounds silly, and it is, I wasn't toally serious, but Nick assured me that he would be there to help make those decisions and that I just need to grab some shampoo and hit the next aisle haha so we went with the Aveno because it's what her momma and daddy use and love it so this is what we will start with.

moving right along, I really dont remember when else got in a cart but just a few other small items like butt paste and baby powder, and we both agreed that the other things like the jogger stroller , breast pump and the bumbo seat can wait till the more appropriate time..

so we get to the check out line and HOW DID WE SPEND $250? i was so confused, nick and I just looked at eachother like wowzers! haha this was our first true babies r us trip, you know the kind where you arent holding a serialized gun in your hand registering for stuff that you want other people to purchase for you?!! lets be honest... I mean we have purchased the "BIG" items but man these little things add up.. thankfully we had gift cards and only had a small remaining balance to pay, but the important part is daddy and I had fun shopping for our little girl even if they were for the silly things like passys and shampoo..

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