Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday & Friends

Today is Friday!! Yippie, I normally do not have a job that allows me to look forward to having the weekends off however, this weekend I do and I am so excited about it! Today when I punch out of work I will be driving home to my wonderful husband and then my BFF Lauren and her BF Matt will be comming from Indy to stay with us tonight for the BABY shower tomorrow!!! I am so excited to have them, they will be our first guest to stay in our guest bedroom in the house, it was fun getting it all ready for them :) they should be here around 6:00 and then I plan to make homemade Pizza for dinner. 

and then Saturday is the BABY shower and I will be with even more friends and then my brother in law and his girlfriend are staying that evening...  I was originally a little bumbed at the amt of family members that are not able to attend the shower but all my girlfriends have turned that frown upside down becuase most of them are able to make it!! My mom is throwing the shower for us but we are having it at our house becuase its a little bit roomier... I am looking forward to the Ice Cream cake and Grandmas yummy cupcakes... oh and the veggie tray... I mean there will be healthy stuff too... but I am sure REALLY excited about the sweets... ok maybe just a little excited...

anyways, so this weekend should be fun 3 of the girls comming are bringing their boyfriends/husbands becuase they are driving in from out of town so Nick will have some guys to hang out with, they are going to watch the ND game up at between the Buns maybe ??!?! not too sure what they will do but thats just an idea i shouted out to him...

and then come Sunday My father in Law and his wife are comming up to visit because they will not be able to make it to the shower, so we will have people with us each night this week, pretty exciting!

so let 6:00 come soon enough and Let the FUn begin!

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