Monday, November 2, 2009

Hooter Hiders

Seriously I am not making this up, this is what this item is called.. take a look for yourself.;jsessionid=0a0104471f43f824f26759fd4449a530ae0127ebba6c.e3eSbNqNc38Le34Pa38Ta38Sbhr0

Apparently, this newer version of Hooter Hiders includes a patented rigid neckline so you can easily peer down at the baby to check in on her nursing progress. It's great for those uber conscious folks who don't even bother messing with the cover to check in on baby in fear of accidental exposure or drawing attention to themselves from passerbys. This thing eases that concern cause it holds open the area right below mommy's head at the neckline.

what do you mommas think? would you buy it?


Johnson said...

YES! I did not discover this AMAZING invention until AFTER I was done nursing 3 children! If you are planning on nursing this is a MUST!!!! My kidos didn't like the blankets over them while nursing because the got too hot! So, defient a must! :) I enjoy reading your blog and found it through Mo's! Blessings, Jennifer Johnson Fowler, IN

Anonymous said...

I have one (not exactly this kind) that I got at Hugs from Heaven, and I've never even used it! Frankly, I'm just not comfortable nursing in public. It's like I get stage fright or something :) Haha - but if you plan on nursing in public, it looks like a great option!