Saturday, October 31, 2009

Labor Class

Nick and I started our labor classes this past Tuesday.  We are taking a class called the Bradley Method at Memorial Hospital with a wonderful Dula names Moreen Favorite, and from what we have heard she truly has been everyones favorite instructor for this class.  You can read more about the bradley method at

the class is 2 hrs long and last for 7 weeks, it is divided up into lecture, exercises and then video, oh and we also have break time and each couple takes turns each week and brings a yummy snack!   this past class however was mostly lecture with some yummy muffins and apple cidre.  there are 6 couples in the class and its actually pretty neat because we pair up perfectly there are two that are having home births using the same midwife, and then there are two that are delivering at birthing centers using the same OB and then Nick and I and another couple are delivering at the hospital with Kristin Vincent ( Midwife.) Moreen said that it has never happened like that before but it works out great. so any who... by the time the class ends I will be 38 weeks, which I figure will be great timing, I should be able to get alll the info we will need, there is one couple in the class that is due December 29th and then we are Due on January 1st, everyone else is late January or later months. 

Nick and I are very excited for the classes, just after leaving the first class we truly learned so much about the birthing process on the body which I feel is so important when wanting to have a natural childbirth, we learned all about what medications are available to you and how they really work on the body VS. what the body was naturally created to do on its own...

I have always looked forward to taking the classes, I can remember when i worked out at a gym that was inside of a hospital and when i would leave I would pass a bunch of prego ladies with their hubbys carrying pillows into their labor class room, and I always thought how FUN! call me crazy, but thats how I see it.

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