Friday, October 30, 2009

Week 31

I have made it to 31 weeks with still no stretch marks, I am extremely excited... but am fully aware that I have 9 weeks left...... both Jada and I are doing great, however I must say there are a Large number of people who keep telling me I am having a baby BOY... umm no... her walls are already pink.... she is not a boy... I am a little annoyed by this bit of info people continue to give, despite the fact that i have had 2 ultra sounds and both times they saw nothing... and I mean they even highlighted the Girl parts.... so I must let people know, in all honestly, it does not matter how you carry.. there is no way that a boy or a girl causes you to grow differently.... I mean when you read what to expect when expecting it doesn't tell you well if your having a boy he weighs this amt this week and if its a girl she is this amt this week... so they are growing at the same rate.... its the MOM that carrys differently .... no ones body is made the same.... So just because your moms mom's sisters second cousin twice removed had all boys and she just popped straight out and looked like she had a beach ball under her shirt, does not mean that I am having a boy.... ok, now I have vented that I must admit I feel Lots better.  So here are my pictures from week 31, I am not sure if i notice much difference from last week but I am sure she is growing stronger, I no longer feel Sharp jabs but I feel more rolling movement, like when she turns I can feel it from the outside but I cant see it yet, so i am looking forward to when i look down and just see my belly go vooomp to the other side.  Do you see the Changes ?

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Mandy Mitchell said...

You're carrying really low, which I've been told is rather common with a girl. baby has dropped and I'm carrying really low and it's a boy! So, you're you carry does not determine the gender people!!! Congrats on no stretch marks thus far. The longer you can hold out without them, the less noticeable they will be in the end. Mine started showing up at 30 weeks.