Monday, November 23, 2009

New Hours

with January 01 right around the corner my midwife and I decided at my last apointment that it would be best for me to cut back on my hours at work to de stress and take it easy. I am now working 30 hour work weeks no longer that 6 hours at a time and no more than 3 days in a row, and ladies I tell you what, this has been great. This new schedule started this past Friday and I can be honest in saying I am much more relaxed, a lot less tense and have been sleeping much better at night. I think anyone would really to go from working 48 hrs to 30 is truly a blessing. My manager at work has been great also, I think he was actualy relieved when I brought in the note to him because all of the guys here are so worried that I will just plop out my little girl right here in the store, so now with my having shorter hours I think it makes them all feel a little better.

so yep, 39 days left until January 1st, I just can not believe it. this Pregnancy has been so great. I have read in lots of pregnancy books that every pregnancy is different but i must say the next time around I wish to have it like this all over again becuase it has been a blessing and easy to say the least. and i know this sounds weird, but  I am looking forward to labor.... i know i warned you that it woudl sound weird, but i actually met a lady at work last week who is pregnnat with her 4th child and she told me she LOVED labor, I said excuse me? i have never heard anyone say that and she said i mena i am a big fan of the epidural but yes i love the labor, all the anticipation leading up to holding your precious gift in your arms, there is just nothing like it, when she left i thought... wow... I can totally see myself looking at labor that way just minus the epidural... we shall see...


Mo said...

haha. i love you :)

I hope that you have a great labor too...if anyone can push through and do it epidural free, you're the girl for the job. You want it bad.

She did love the epidural though...part of love labor...fjlasdjfa;jksdf. you didn't hear my say that.

So, is Joanne going to be in the room when you deliver????


Chelssie said...

haha I love you too Mo! and ummm no um I dont think Joanne is going to be in the room... but she will be there with me in spirit if i need a good laugh thats for sure :)