Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's Tree Time

So it's that time of year again, Christmas is near... I Love this Holiday, any day centered around Christ and family is a great day to me.  Last year was our fist married christmas and we set out to make a tradition of going to a local tree farm and picking out the perfect tree and cutting it down and strapping it down to the car and looking like the Clark Grizwald family as we ride home in are small car and large tree.... so here we are just the very next year, excited about our  tradition but looking down at my ever growing belly and knowing that this little girl is due January 1st, which is darn close to christmas... what's a family to do? and well we decided that we still want to venture out, so shortly after thanksgiving the hubby and I are going to drive out to some local tree farm and enjoy hot cocoa and get my fat behind up on the wagon and truck it out in the snow and chop down our tree.  We want to do this earlier this year than last that way we have time to enjoy it and can toss it right after christmas hopefully before this little girl arrives, that way we don bring baby home and find a rotting sappy tree and a mess to clean up. so thats that. Christmas is near and I just can't wait! I am not quite sure where we will be getting our tree from this year because we have moved, so if you have any suggestions about a good one close to the south bend Mishawka area please let me know :) Oh I' am  getting so giddy just thinking about it! What are your families traditions around the christmas time?

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Ash said...

In Saturday or Sunday's South Bend Tribune they listed off local places you could cut your own tree at. I beleive there are some places in Bristol and Plymouth there should also be some in Niles. I'd google it:)