Thursday, December 17, 2009

*the dates*

today marks the first date picked for me to deliver... which made me want to post the peoples picks on here so I will always have them to look back at. Now although today seems like a huge stretch now that it is here, it was my husbands pick a Loooong time ago and so he has told me these past few days, I know its not going to happen on the 17th, but I am too stubborn to change my date. So yes he picked the 17th but he doesn't really think it will happen today, but he says he's already picked and isn't allowed another date ( but he has secretly told me between the 21st- and the 28th)

so here are the dates people have picked so far..

17th - nicks
19th- Madison ( my 7 yr old sister)
21st- Mo
23rd- Grandma Nora
24th- Sam
25th- Aunt Rhonda
28th- Mom's pick
29th-grandpa Tom
Janurary 3rd - Uncle Al

Looks like the 21st through the 28th is a pretty good pick, what are your guesses?!?! January 1st is my actual Due date.


Stephanie said...

I pick December 31st. I love your new pics, those are awesome!!!

Chelssie said...

Nick's mom also picked the 28th, same as my mom... we will see if these grandmas are right..