Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shake Ya Booty

Today I had my 38 week appointment with my Midwife, baby and I both checked out fine, I even got a compliment that i still had ankle bones, she was pretty impressed ! any who, so Jada's heart was right in the 140's she so consistent, no complaints here.  I gained less than a 1/2 lb, ( also great news) so during my appointment Kristen ( our midwife) told me that Jada was on my right side, pretty far over... which I of course knew because hello I can totally feel her, but anywho, Kristen said that Jada's head was down like it has been for a long while now but she still needed to drop lower into the pelvis because she could still feel her whole head, she also told me that she wanted me to start doing some booty shakin, thats right she told me to bend over with my back flat belly towards the floor, grab onto the kitchen counter and shake my booty... this should help her get more lined up in the center instead of her trying to get comfy on the right side because what can happen when she is over there is that her body will want to turn which would mean instead of her remaining face down like she has been forever now, she could turn and be face up which would mean the crown of her head would be at my tailbone which means BACK LABOR on top of Labor.. and hello no thank you.... so I will be doing lots of kitchen booty shaking ! 

I asked kristen if there was anything I could do to help the baby drop and she told me the hip shaking will also help with that, but that it is completely normal if she doesn't drop until right before labor kicks in, she says that happens a lot, and that I should feel when she drops because there will be lots of pressure in my pelvis area when I am sitting and also standing, I wont want nor be able to cross my legs and I will be visiting the bathroom often while walking with a waddle, now I must admit I feel like right now I pee all the time and waddle already, I def. can still cross my legs and sit comfortably.. so I must say i do agree with her that there still is some dropping that needs to take place. 

towards the end of the appointment she told me that when I leave I need to schedule out all the rest of my appointments for week 39,40,41,and 42.... my jaw dropped... seriously this is  a possibility?!?! but I did it anyways... I must admit I am ONLY hoping to have the 39 and 40 wks appointment... but whatever needs to take place is what will happen, so I just need to prepare myself that we ultimately could have 5 weeks left... 

ok seriously, that just seems CRAZY! 

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