Monday, January 4, 2010

Call to the Midwife

so after blogging, my midwife has returned my call and I informed her of the CHANGE since I had left her office, and what she informed me of I wanted to post here. so she says that this could all be from her checking me, if there was any left over jell it could liquify and also the bloody little bit and brownish that I saw, could have been from the check... but she's hopeful, she said to keep an eye on it, if it was my water then it should continue to leak throughout the evening and because I was negative for strep b I have the 24 hrs, so to keep eye on it and if its still leaking by morning call and they will get me in to check me out.

but she said hopefully labor will begin for you, she knows nick and I are so ready!

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Mandy Mitchell said...

Good news!! It could be your mucus plug. I lost mine gradually. At first it was just a tiny, tiny bit of a jelly like substance and then the next night the big glob came out. Soooooo maybe that's what's happening to you. I hope your little girl comes soon. She's awfully lucky to have such sweet parents and a beautiful nursery to come home to.