Monday, January 4, 2010


Today I had my apt with my midwife, I am now 4 days past due date, nick came home to pick me up and take me bc of bad road conditions, we arrive not knowing what we were in for, would this be a reg apt, would we have an ultra sound, will i have a vaginal exam? so we went with high hopes that we would be told hey, your ready to have a baby!!

midwife came in and I was checked, as you remember my sad post from last monday of being told by a male ob that well your cervix is completely closed and here is a pamphlet that will tell you when you are in labor.... so today the repost is that my midwife says my cervix feels very nice ( thank you very much) and that she can get just the tip of her fingertip into the cervix so although I am still not dilated she can feel that I am thinning out, but cant tell me how much because she would need to be inside my cervix and well she cant be with just a fingertip...

So we were not disappointed because why? well thats improvement... she also told me that her head is very low which is good, she thinks is just Jadas positioning that is holing up labor because my body aka cervix, feels ready other than the dilation part, which she assured me can happen in 0 to 60 seconds anyhow... she once had someone be completely closed and 4 hours later call back and say she wasn't feeling that great and she came back in and was 8 cent!!! crazy, so anyhow we left by scheduling the ultra sound and non stress test for monday the 11th of January at 2:30... but my midwife didn't seem to think i would be making that apt, actually when she left the room she said... maybe I will see you later :)

now I was sure she just wanted to make me happy :) but I was, on the car ride home nick and I were talking about random things, then he dropped me off and I asked him to go to the gas station to get gas in my car and washer fluid... I came in the house and hung up my jacket.....


hmm I thought, now hey this is totally TMI maybe, but its my blog so if you don't like, check your self out now...

so I went to the bathroom and noticed a "fluid" spot.... was this my water, was this the start of my water?!?!? I don't know, it could be... hmmm, I wiped, and yes it looks to be water, then i wiped again, this time a little bloody show.... like pink water....

I call nick, hey honey..
maybe my water is breaking?!?!

what do you mean?
should i come home now and not get gas?!?

noo nonon no get the gas, i am feeling totally fine, normal actually, just wanted to tell you maybe this is what is going on...

b.c who knows right, i mean i was just checked at the dr 40 mins prior, maybe this was just from that....

changed the underwear and the next thing was to eat

I ate a bowl of cottage cheese and 3 clementines... mmmm delish!

all while doing the booty shaking I was told to do by my midwife to help better position her....

called my doula to let her know, and she asked if i was still "leaking"

did a quick check

and there was a new spot in the fresh undies...


then later there was more brownish pink show, that has a different consistency other than water, so was this my mucus plug? part of it? or my water? who knows... but all I know is right now I am still feeling good and wanted to get as many thoughts out on the blog as I could...

so it could be 24 hrs, 48 hrs... I don't know maybe 5 days.... maybe tonight, who knows but all I know is this is CHANGE and I / WE are excited!!!!!

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