Thursday, January 28, 2010

FOOD - think about it

thats right, I am taking a quick break from talking about the new love of my life my little baby girl, and I am going to talk about FOOD. For those of you who know me know that I have been the girl who loves her grocery stores,which by the way, the greater south bend/granger/Mishawaka area GET WITH IT, we need to bring in a whole foods or trader joes, even a fresh market... I know there are not many people who literally enjoy going to the grocery store but ever since my sophomore year in college when I started to take my health serious and began working our and became a vegetarian ,thinking about what goes into my body has been a passion of mine, and when Nick and I were living in Carmel we had the most wonderful grocery stores right at the end of our drive way almost and it was incredible, to shop in stores where you know that everything is safe and is actually FOOD is an incredible feeling.

So I am talking about this because yesterday Oprah's show was about food and begging people to think more consciously about what they put in their bodies. She had one of my favorite food authors Michael Poland on her show and he talked about the benefits of eating Organically, He has written many great books such as the omnivores dilemma which I read in college along with in defense of food. His new book out is titled food rules and can be purchased on Amazon for as little as $5 bucks, thats a steal so if you are at all interested I urge you to grab a copy. Now many of you know that I am a info/ book junkie I just love to research things that I am passionate about and a couple years ago on the Oprah show she had jessica sinefield on her show talking about how to puree veggies and sneak them into kids recipes or the regular meals you make for your whole family to enjoy and I was so excited I hopped right over to Barns and noble after the show and picked up my copy of the book. now even though my hubby and I are both vegetarians and we get plenty of veggies I loved the recipes in here, one of my favorites was to puree butternut squash and then just used egg whites and add the squash to your eggs ( it makes them have the yellow color to trick the kiddies) but it taste O So Delish. and I knew that we would have kids one day and I would want to make their baby food and wanted to know about all the different veggies that you could puree.

ok back to the show

so yesterdays outside of having Michael Poland there she also had alicia silverstone on who was advertising her new book called the Kind diet, this book seems very similar to Skinny b*tch which I also read and loved but it just has much kinder language. these books advocate for a vegan diet which I have done from time to time and will give it a go again sometime but I have found each time that my love for cheese truly never goes away. however I purchased this book today because I always love to read about new ideas and who couldn't use more yummy recipes laying around the house and when I read something it motivates me more.

So I wanted to write this post to get some of my thoughts out there and maybe it will interest someone else to look into their kitchen and see what it is they are eating and make a healthier decisions for them and their families. everyone is entitled to their own opinions, I just think it is important that we understand that the food that is out there today although it is called the same think as it was 5o years ago things are now genetically engineered to be different. the cow that used to take years to be slaughtered now takes months to gain the same amt of weight, why? because they are injected with growth hormones, that you then ingest. there are so many other options, I am not saying everyone become a vegetarian or vegan, because there are grass fed animals who are well taken care of who aren't fed these antibodies or injected with hormones. its all about making a healthier decisions.

if you are interested in finding out information for yourself there are great web sites out there, Oprah plugged the film FOOD INC yesterday which you can find On Demand or order off Amazon, but there are other videos out there like Meet you Meat. Fast food nation, and Earthlings that are also loaded with good information, or just google search Michael Poland and you will get some great web sites with information of eating organically.

I just think its all about balance, so many of us work out in the gym to feel better and look better for out outward appearances but eating is such a big part of it, the foods we put into our bodies also contribute to our outward appearance and play a part in the way you feel. its a package deal, so just think about it, form your own opinions and feel good about what you are eating!


Anonymous said...

haha, so funny story...Rob and I heard a nutritionist speak one time and he said the same thing about eating things that will eventually rot. As prop he brought a McDonalds hamburger and fries that were TWO years old. They looked the same as they did on the day he bought them! SIIIIIICK.

I ordered the Food Rules book today too! :)

Ash said...

i do plan on getting Jessica Seinfeld's book as I need to trick the hubby into eating healthier foods. It makes it hard when one has a desire to buy/eat better foods and the other doesn't so much care. Maybe since having Ian he will think about it more.

Katie said...

I'm completely blog crashing. I hopped over from Mo Bredens blog, hope you don't mind. Here's my question. I keep considering going organic. I live about two miles from a Trader Joe's and I know they make it super easy... and I live in California so that makes it even easier. But what do you do in restaurants? I don't eat out often but I have to take clients out to eat so they often pick the places. I've always wondered if you eat organic at home if you mess yourself up if you eat a non organic meal out? These are all my hesitations. It's all very tempting though. I'm on the verge!