Monday, September 13, 2010


here we are baby girl, 8 whole months you have been around, and boy are you EVERYWHERE now a days.

people always told me " oh just wait till she crawls, thats when the fun begins, and she will be into everything" and boy were they right, I find myself cooking and you are down at my feet trying to climb up my leg, or when I am sweeping you chase after the broom, you are fascinated with cords and will crawl under the computer desk if we take our eyes off of you for even the fastest second.  I can only imagine what it will be like when you are walking because soon we wont have any toys to restrain you in, yes honey mommy used the word restrain.

yours great Grandma Nora calls you a little Road Runner baby because we are always on the go, but you truly are an easy baby and you make that all possible.

you are a big girl now and when we go to the grocery store you sit in the front of the cart ( but only because your mommy bought one of those covers that protect you from all those nasty cart germs.) still fm time to time I will wear you in the Moby wrap while we are out and about especially if you are getting sleepy because you still like to take naps on mommy :)

you are starting to pull yourself up on the sofa, and other low things in the house

 your two bottom teeth  are in and you are getting more because you are a drooling everywhere. you have handled the whole process very well though.

I have cut back on increasing the amt of your solid foods because you have stopped drinking a full 6 oz, I now give you 5 bottles a day and they are 5 oz each, I will give you solids twice a day but only two to three ice cubes which I believe are about 1.5 oz a piece.

you are wearing size 12 mo, and I have recently purchased some 18 mo leggings due to your cloth diapers but they are a bit big still and the 12 mo fit you great for now

here is a picture of you and Mommy's good friend and college roomate Lauren, see how big you are getting? when daddy and I have you out we have been asked several times, is she walking yet, how old is she, 12 or 13 months.... you are a very active and strong baby I can tell you that much, how you are pictured in this photo above should give you a pretty good idea of how you were at this age always wanting to stretch out, get down.

this past sunday was your fist time down in the Nursery at church, you bypassed the baby room because you are able to sit up on your own, I was a little worried about dropping you off, only because it would be the first time you have been with other kids, and adults when I wasn't around, and when we got there, there were about 11 babies ALL CRYING ( talk about a way to ease a mommies worries, NOT) so daddy and I kissed you godbye and watched you crawl over to a toy and after about a minute and you were still content we walked up to the service.
 we just sat down and we see "jada Grace" appear on the screen, oh no I thought, but daddy jumped right up and said I will go see, turns out, some other little baby tackled you, talk about a rough first day, daddy held you until you calmed down and then sat and played with you for a few minutes, the ladies working said that it was a very full service and they were pretty short staffed, daddy showed the woman your favorite toy and that if you got fussy to try to give you that, daddy came back up and joined me in the service and 10 minutes later we see "Jada Grace" we decided to take you out and daddy played with you out in the front atrium, we will give it a try next sunday I am sure you will grow to love it :)

while out on a walk last week we were approached by another mommy who informed me that there are lots of us fist time mommies in the neighborhood and they all get together wednesdays in the afternoon, so you and I joined them this past week and we walked for about an hour in the neighborhood, I am so excited to have met such great mothers and their babies, there were 7 babies that day all ranging from 3 to 13 months, so there are lots of kids here in the neighborhood for you to grow up with.

so there you have it baby girl, your 8th month wrap up, and now I must go scoop you up from the living room floor because it looks as though you are getting ready to get yourself stuck under the side table.

Love your Mommy

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Allison said...

My oh my has she grown!!! she's so cute!!