Monday, September 13, 2010

Fittest in the Region

This past Saturday we packed up the car and headed to Crown Point for a crossfit competition titled " the fittest in the Region" and I WON!

Just kidding, I didn't compete, I  however did  take lots of great pictures. I watched as three crossfitters from the Box I go to competed, one being Nick ( the hubsters), the other our coach (Brandon) and the ever inspiring Amy.  they all did great, and it was so fun to watch.  there were a total of three WOD's, the athletes knew what the first two were but in order to find out the third they needed to do well in the fist 2 and then move on.  and let me just tell you, that 3rd work out, just watching them I wanted to be on the beach with a pina colada in my hand and someone standing over me with a beautiful fan. yep, it was a tough one.
here were the 3 WOD's

first WOD
10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 of
225# deadlift
55# kettlebell swing
chest to bar pull ups

second  WOD
95# thrusters
24' box jump

Third WOD
Toss a 45 # sand bag over a 60 ft wall and then jump the wall (5x)
push a 165# prowler for 200 m
pull a 165# sled 200 m
15 overhead squats with 95#

for 3 rounds.

Here is the hubsters himself jumping over the wall.. it was great to see all the athletes go hard and give it there all, very motivating to watch and see where it is I want to be.  even though I did enjoy a nice couple of pieces of Barnabys pizza at the end of the night :)

here are a few more pictures

 in process of doing burpee
 Overhead squat
 sadly, this happens from time to time... thankfully though it wasn't any of our three competetors
and last but not least we couldn't leave out a picture of daddy's biggest fan

she was a "hootin and a Hollerin"

overall Nick took first place, Brandon second and Amy took fist in the women's heat. Nick was very excited and is itching to do more competitions in preparation for sectionals in March. it's truly amazing watching him work so hard for something and enjoying every minute of it.  
3 rounds…

toss a 45# sandbag over a 6 foot wall, jump over the wall x 5
push a 165 # prowler 200m
drag a 165 # sled 200m
15 Overhead squats at 95#

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