Monday, September 13, 2010

day 13

today is the 13th day of the challenge and I am doing pretty good, I am down 4.5 lbs and am feeling tighter all around. as part of the challenge we are to keep a food journal which I think really helps, I mean come on who wants to write down that they indulged in two giblets, a glass of red wine, barnabys pizza, and a few slices of potato wedged from Bw 3's... I mean not me... ( agh hem agh hem) but moving right along, I have been doing pretty good with the diet for the most part, I am eating lots of fish and veggies, so much so that I had to cut down on the amt of veggies because I wasn't able to finish them and I was feeling as though I was eating too much food.

what my diet consists of is meat ( which for me is Fish, and soy meats) veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds NO DAIRY and NO GRAINS

and I am measuring the amt of food at every meal that way I am getting 21 grams of protein 18 grams of carbohydrates ( supposed to be 27 but it was too much for me ) and then 4.5 grams of fat, this goes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  the carbohydrates come from the fruit and veggies protein from the meat and my shake I make and the fat usually comes from olive oil, nuts, seeds, or avocado

although I believe I had a clean diet before the challenge I must say my body fells so much better while working out, I recover better, not nearly as sore as I used to be and I have been able to increase the amt. of weight I am able to lift. its amazing what cutting grains and dairy can do for you.

I am really enjoying the challenge and although I have no clue where everyone else is at, I am happy with my progress and hope to continue getting better.

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marci81 said...

I completely agee with the cutting dairy part and I definitely limit my pasta intake to like once a month because I can tell a huge difference!! Good job, can't wait to here how you progress!